Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Romy S. Tittel

As the leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Romy will bring her robust experience in navigating the roller coaster that has been Alberta’s economy in her own business as well as her experience as the Green Party of Canada’s candidate for Foothills in the last federal election.

This experience has taught her that we must work together to ensure our decisions for the future bring the best options and solutions to bear.

Her point of view on the future of politics in Alberta is to protect and strengthen our province but also respect our place in Canada and the world. Our human rights to agree or disagree exist for all of us.

The economic plan she will champion and follow as the leader of the Green Party of Alberta is the “Doughnut Economics” based on Kate Raworth’s 21st century vision for our future economic health and prosperity.

One of the biggest strengths that the Green Party of Alberta will be able to bring to bear to the political landscape is our connection with a world of Greens. Our depth of skills and abilities will be our foundation. Our inclusive attitudes and principles will be our momentum. Our desire for a safe, prosperous and sustainable future will be our fuel.

Romy looks forward to help Albertans get ahead.

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