Headline Calendar Talk with Senior Students at the Edge School of Athletics

I was invited to give a talk to the two senior classes at the Edge School of Athletics on April 14th. My talk was based on an art project that I started back in August of 2013. This project is a modern tapestry that follows the thread of a story. The story in this case, is the daily headlines that I followed for one year. Each month of the calendar has a background image based on the dominant story of that 4 week period;

Month #1 Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

Month #2 Kenyan Mall Attack-Al Shabab

Month #3 Rob Ford

Month#4 Nelson Mandela

Month #5 Bitcoin

Month#6 Pope Francis

Month #7 Ukraine Crisis

Month #8 Malaysia Flight MH370

Month #9 Boko Haram

Month #10 Edward Snowden

Month #11 ISIL/ISIS

Month #12 Ebola

The day I gave this talk was the one year anniversary of the Boko Haram group kidnapping the over 200 school girls in Nigeria.

That same day, Canada announced it will be sending 200 military personal to the Ukraine to train their army.

I also spoke of the implications that stemmed from Edward Snowden’s revelations of government’s mass capture of our data and Bill C51.

The second headline of the project was the announcement that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. Mr. Cruz just threw his hat into the bid for the Presidential nomination a few weeks earlier.

I also spoke of ISIL destroying the ancient treasures of Iraq that were built by the ancient Assyrians, whom my husband is a descendant of. I told the students that these are the people who were the Cradle of Civilization and who wrote the first Code of Law.

It was during this project that I became inspired to enter politics and join in the conversation of this world. I impressed upon the students, that as they are on the cusp of entering their adult lives, that they too will affected by all of this history around them.

The background of this project, the images of the completed tapestries and the companion book will give you the full story on this project.