The genesis of my political career started as a result of my “Headline Calendar” Project that I began back in 2013. I have followed those headlines as they played out over time and today I was struck by this collection of headlines from today.

I have nothing to say because these headlines say everything about our world on this day. This year has begun with major downward stock markets caused by China’s stalled economy, the price of oil barely above US$30 and the Canadian dollar trading at US$0.64.

I wish I could talk about the amazing advances being made to our world and those of us in it but the headlines speak mostly of horrible events that we seem powerless to stop or even minimize.

One word keeps coming up in my thoughts; humane.

What humanity should be capable of but I am finding it hard to see in this world. But maybe this reality is what the word humane really means and not the positive spin we like to attach to the word humane.