Our Technological Future

One of the main goals of the Green message is to protect our environment and mitigate climate change. To do so we will need to involve technologies, current and yet to be developed. If you have been following my Facebook page (and I certainly encourage you to do so) you will have seen a series of posts focusing on AI and other technological advances that I feel will be the tools needed in this quest.

But with all advances, there are the good, the bad and the ugly, for this we need to be prepared. The most important step is education. The earlier the better, I am referring to this as “Intellectual Extraction”.

I will push for education with industry and the public alike. I will also encourage our post-secondary educators to have robust courses available for their students in the field of AI across the spectrum of applications. Whether it be plant automation or agricultural applications, this will have such a huge impact on the type of jobs our children will be employed in.

For our political decisions, we need to understand these issues more fully and consider the long-term consequences before we sign off on legislature.

Below I have gathered together several articles relating to AI and technology that guide my thinking.



Oil spills

Industrial Inspection


Food Production

Full Life-cycle Farming

Farm Labour

Weather Forecasting



Warehouse Automation


Energy Systems

Power grid

Crude Oil Pellets

Carbon Capture


Electrical Production

Information Systems

Digital Divide


Block Chains


Automation Resistant Skills

Cybersecurity and Empathy

Regulating AI

Bias in AI

Robot Assisted Future