Turning Politics into Policy

While setting up signs with Martin Blake in the Greenway by-election last year, Martin made a wise observation about our party; our politics are only as good as the policies they are able to affect in the governance of our province or country. In other words, talk is cheap.

Another point that was said to me many times while campaigning in the 2015 federal election was that the Green Parties in general don’t have the ability or readiness to govern. Challenge accepted!

This has led me to one of the key elements in my platform; the Doughnut Economics model by Kate Raworth.

Her model dovetails perfectly with the Green Party of Alberta’s core principles. It also provides a road map to how our politics can become policy.

What regulatory environments do you feel are the most important to alter in order to encourage a more networked economic environment?

If we make it clear that this is the model by which we base our policy and decision making on, then any and all economic activity can see where is stands going forward. If the economic activity is straining the resources of our earth, then an environmental toll will be attached. If the activity recharges our system, then a credit will be given and so on.

What platform positions would you want to see the party adopt in order to better advocate for such a re-organization of the provinces economy?

The first core policy to be enacted would be to put the Doughnut model as the basis from which all other policies connect to. This will allow for cohesion as well as consistency. We need a 21st century approach to our decisions. The old construct of unending growth as the main economic goal needs to be replaced with this model.

What (if any) do you see as the Heritage Trust or the ATB’s role in such a transition?

I see the ATB’s role the same as I see the Bank of Canada’s role in that they should be lending money within our borders and not from external sources. This would allow for the interest rate to be charged accordingly and the value of the currency does not fluctuate with the world markets.


I am currently dealing with a personal health issue that has necessitated me undergoing surgery this past July and again in October. I expect to make a full recovery and intend to continue my campaign as my health allows.

After consulting with the leadership committee and the executive committee, they agreed that this would not affect my eligibility to run and carry out my duties should I prevail in the election.