Endorsements and well wishes from my fellow Greens

“Mark and Ann Hambridge support Romy Tittel in her bid to become Leader of the Green Party of Alberta. Romy has the drive, determination and knowledge to become an effective leader and Alberta’s first Green member of the legislature. We encourage you to support her bid.”
Mark and Ann Hambridge

“I am strongly endorsing Romy Tittel as the next leader of the Alberta Green Party. I first met Romy when I helped on her campaign in the last federal election. I was so impressed with her dedication, amazing energy, intelligence and humour in reaching out to a very geographically huge riding. Her ability to speak instantly and very intelligently on any subject that comes up at any meeting is quite astonishing – she far outshines all the other candidates at the forums. She is totally dedicated to the principles of the Green Party and is able to articulate them clearly to everyone. I honestly cannot think of a better person to lead the Alberta Greens.”
Mary Vicars

“When I was asked to write an endorsement for my favored candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Alberta, I thought it would be straight forward. I was soon faced with two dilemmas.

First, who am I to offer such a thing. In traditional parties this would be someone with influence or stature who would hope to convince others of your choice. Not so in the Green Party. No matter who we are or what we may or may not have done, we are all equal, from President to basic member. All I offer is my perspective, such as it is.

Secondly, we have such a variety of quality candidates vying for the position. A far cry from when I was leader of the “place holder” Evergreen Party of 2012. I refer to myself as the guy who drew the short straw. We have activists, artists, agriculture rural, city. A whole variety of possibilities and passions. Alas we are picking only one officially.

So what am I looking for from a leader at this point in our evolution?

Someone who will be loyal to the party and defend it, should we ever face the unfortunate events that lead to de reregistration of the original version of the Alberta Greens.

Someone who shares a wide range of the interests and challenges facing Albertans and humanity as a whole and exhibits this in all postings and communications with the public. Including my favorite- “what’s on the horizon”. This is the continual forward thought process of Greens as we continue to include 7 generations in all we consider.

Someone who has ideas and plans to support our candidates in future elections with manuals and step by step instructions of the process. As a 4 time candidate myself I would really appreciate such materials.

Someone who knows how to take our outreach to the electorate to the next level, reflective of the progress seen by other Greens across the country.

And finally someone who will actively hang on to all the talent we have in the current candidates for leader. Keeping them in key positions and influence for the full advancement of our progress towards participation in government.

This is why I am voting Romy Tittel for leader of the Green Party of Alberta.”
Larry Ashmore

“First let me say that you have my number one vote on the ballot. Your experiences in business, the trades, and politics are strong pluses in your favour. I like how you come to a decision based on things other than preconceived notions. You are creative, clear, detailed and forceful, all great qualities for a leader. You focus on things in the right order – i.e. earth, people, business. Your communication skills are highly developed and you are, in my opinion, rather fearless.

I know you are primed and ready to go, rearing at the bit as it were, with good cause. The Green Party of Alberta could wind up holding the balance of power after the next election. Only the Greens offer to honestly uphold human rights and benefits to society above the demands and threats from business and vested interests. When people develop a real morality, change could be surprisingly swift.

Let’s put only strengths into the campaign and offer a range of positive, innovative features in a fully costed platform that gives voters hope, opportunity, and a reason to be proud for who they support. Basically follow the federal platform on our provincial level.

All the candidates should be proud of what they contribute to our party now and into the future. The membership is proud of each and everyone of you.

Laura has vetted this and concurs wholeheartedly. Go! Romy! Go!”

Laurie Scheer

Well Wishes from the GPC

“Romy Tittel has been an enormous help to me in building the Green Party of Canada in Calgary. When she was a federal candidate, she did not focus solely on her own campaign. She created events to help all the Calgary area candidates, helping all with fundraising and organizational growth. She is a dedicated Green at the federal and provincial levels. I know whoever wins the Alberta Green leadership, Romy will always contribute to the Green politics of the future.”
Elizabeth May
MP Saanich Gulf-Islands