Social Justice

This is a term that is often used but poorly defined and even more poorly implemented. It is, however, one of the core principals of the Green Party of Alberta. This is how we define it;

The key to social justice is the equitable distribution of resources to ensure that all have full opportunities for personal and social development.

How to we make this a reality? For starters, I look to the Doughnut Economicmodel for its overarching structure to guide us. To ensure that we are distributive by design and that we are regenerative by design as well.

But I also want to look at two topics that I feel have so much to contribute to ensuring our social justice goals;

How do we see ourselves in relationship to each other and our planet.  I am in what would be referred to as a mixed marriage. I don’t see it that way but my husband’s community certainly does. Not only am I considered a foreigner, I am also the incorrect religion aka Catholic. (I’m a religious free-agent, spiritual but not affiliated) I am a first-generation Canadian from German parents, who is not German but not really Canadian either. I live in Alberta, but really I live on Earth. This is not how most people see themselves. They define their gender, their race/creed/culture, their geographical home. These identities run deep, we become home-sick, we are drawn to our “roots”, we want to know our ancestry, the list goes on. Globalization has really thrown a wrench into these identities, MAGA is a response to this in the USA that President Trump has fully exploited.

While taking courses put on by Alberta Adoption, I was taught that empathy was a learned behaviour not an inherent human trait. I was quite surprised to learn this, but this does explain a lot. Without empathy, how can we ever truly feel the need for social justice, as long as I am alright, damn the rest. This is a key reason why trying to mitigate climate change is so difficult, we feel it was caused by somebody else and somebody else should pay to fix it.

The second topic that affects us the world over is how we feed ourselves. Without a secure food source, social justice is impossible. So please click on this link to read this article, it explains what I think about the situation. I want to thank Sheryl McCumsey for all of her background info on GMO’s and the various chemicals used on our food production which we have to take strong steps towards education and removal of substances that are wreaking havoc on our Earth