Wealth, Food Security and the Doughnut Economy

In a week that included the Women’s March, the Davos conference, the issue of feeding our current and future population and the news that “It’s Boom times for Billionaires” I feel the need to connect the dots.

This week a report from Oxfam was published that stated;

“…82 percent of the global wealth produced last year went to the richest 1 percent of the world’s population. In other words, four out of every five dollars of wealth created in 2017 went into the pockets of the 1 percent.”

This report also found;

“Women are in the worst work, and almost all the super-rich are men. Governments must create a more equal society by prioritizing ordinary workers and small-scale food producers instead of the rich and powerful.”

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Speaking of Doughnuts, how about that minimum wage

This week saw the “No Timmies Tuesday” reaction to the minimum wage hike in Ontario that had the franchise owners declaring that this will be more than their bottom line can handle. We heard the same when the NDP government introduced its rate hike in the minimum wage here in Alberta.

The press too often gives voice to the business owners perspective but little time to how the minimum wage employee is affected. This part of our social justice seems at odds with our capitalistic business model, but why is this?

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2018 New Year’s Message from Romy Tittel, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

In my own business, my husband and I usually take the time off between Christmas and New Year to take stock of what has happened and what we want to see moving forward. It has been a very hectic time since my leadership win in early November but I have managed to take a couple of days off and reflect on this past year and what I hope to accomplish in 2018.

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Calgary-Lougheed By-election Media Coverage

With the current dynamic political environment, the Calgary-Lougheed by-election is garnering a lot of media attention and I thought it would be handy for the voters to be able to access these all in one place.

Watch the full forum here.

CBC election results report.

Calgary Herald on voting day.

CBC report on voting day.

Polling Data

Metro News report on the candidate forum.

National Post news report on candidate forum.

Calgary Herald news report on the candidate forum.

CBC news report on the candidate forum.

CTV news report on the candidate forum.

Global news report on the candidate forum.

660 Radio report on the candidate forum.

CBC Radio Canada interview. article.

Calgary Herald interview with all candidates.

CBC Calgary’s Homestretch interview with Doug Dirks and Romy Tittel.

Below is the RED FM radio interview with Rishi Nagar and Romy Tittel.

Summary of New Technologies:2017 Calgary-Lougheed Provincial By-Election

Vote Tabulators

Vote tabulators optically scan the ballots as they are fed into it, recording the polling subdivision and candidate selected by the elector on the ballot. Throughout polling days, the tabulator displays the number of ballots cast, but does not report totals for candidates until the close of polls. A security key is required to obtain the results from the tabulator.

Tabulators also allow electors the opportunity to correct any mistakes on the ballot that would otherwise have resulted in a rejected ballot, such as blank ballots (undervote) or ballots with more than one selection (overvote).

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Thank you for the vote of Confidence

This weekend the Green Party of Alberta voted and I am very proud to be named the new leader. I take this honour very seriously and I consider it a priceless opportunity to affect positive change within our party, our province and our world. I thank all of you for your support and look forward to the exciting times ahead.

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Respect for Diversity

I chose this wonderful graphic to show the diversity of culture, gender and politics of the people here in Alberta. These diverse voices, all striving to live a good life in an amazingly blessed part of the world. As the leader of this party I will make sure to include this mosaic in all our policies and governance.

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Social Justice

This is a term that is often used but poorly defined and even more poorly implemented. It is, however, one of the core principals of the Green Party of Alberta. This is how we define it;

The key to social justice is the equitable distribution of resources to ensure that all have full opportunities for personal and social development.

How to we make this a reality? For starters, I look to the Doughnut Economicmodel for its overarching structure to guide us. To ensure that we are distributive by design and that we are regenerative by design as well.
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