Inglewood Sunfest 2017

A feisty summer festival in the heart of Inglewood. We’re here to celebrate, engage, entertain, and delight. This is also an annual event attended by the Calgary and area Greens, so come out and say hello and enjoy the festivities.

Calgary Mountain View Constituency Association

Calgary Mountain View Constituency Association will be door knocking in the Hounsfield Height area to introduce themselves and the leadership candidates for the Green Party of Alberta.


Stampede Party

Come out and meet Elizabeth May MP Saanich-Gulf Islands and the Greens of Calgary and area.

Truth and Reconciliation

Yesterday, we Canadians, heard Justice Murray Sinclair’s report on the treatment faced by countless First Nations people during the era of residential schools and the systemic actions of the governments of the time against them.

The backdrop of this day, for me, was marked by an article about the insult to Sarah Hoffman, efforts to stop bill C51, Sepp Blatter and the FIFA scandal. Now at first glance, these would seem to be very separate issues, one having little to do with the other. But they are all related by the thread of our human nature. A nature that has many good qualities, but many negative ones as well.

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Alberta Election 2015

Wow! I can’t believe what I witnessed yesterday here in Alberta. Having been born and raised here, I love living here, there isn’t any other place I would rather be but the politics have been a sore point for me all of these years. The dynastic history of politics in this province never matched the varied and broad spectrum of people I have known throughout my life here.

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Headline Calendar Talk with Senior Students at the Edge School of Athletics

I was invited to give a talk to the two senior classes at the Edge School of Athletics on April 14th. My talk was based on an art project that I started back in August of 2013. This project is a modern tapestry that follows the thread of a story. The story in this case, is the daily headlines that I followed for one year. Each month of the calendar has a background image based on the dominant story of that 4 week period;

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 Striving to engage with the world in a kind and critical way.

I came across this description on a young woman’s Twitter account and it really resonated with me. First off, it precisely describes what my intention in becoming the federal candidate for the Green Party of Canada is all about.

Let me break this down for you; striving, the first word so aptly captures any endeavour. I can’t say with any certainty that I will achieve my goal, I can only strive to make it a reality. I will strive to reach out to as many members in the Foothills riding as I can. I will strive to bring forward my vision and message to as many people as I can. I can’t make other people do anything, I can only strive to bring their attention to my viewpoint.

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Springbank Off-stream Reservoir

I attended the open house in Cochrane last night laying out the proposal for the flood mitigation on the Elbow River. The plan being proposed would create a dry reservoir on the land in the northwest region of Highway #22 and Springbank Road. This would involve a 4.5 km diversion canal constructed along Highway #22 and crossing east to connect to the dry reservoir.

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